Fees, Times,
Private Health Rebates & Medicare Billing (require a GP’s referral).

Appointment session
s are 1 hour.       

     $130 (working), $120 (part-time working) or $110 (non-working)    
                payment with
 Cash is preferred need to add 5% for Credit cards (sorry  no EFTPOS)
Rebates back on your paid fees are available through Private Insurance cover
                or with a GP referral (Mental Health Plan – a "GP referral"):                                 

With a "GP referral" take your receipt (after paying me) to your local Medicare office
for your refund of $84.80 (2016) Or I can Bill Medicare direct for you for a fee of $2.80
 [For an extra long appointment (up to 1:30 mins) - add $50 extra to the above]

Your out of pocket session expenses: $45.20 (working) $35.20 (Part-time) or $25.20 (non working).
For Private Health Insurance rebate amounts - please enquire to your provider/fund. 



Medicare Billing scheme – with a "GP Referral"


Under the Mental health care scheme any Australian Medicare card holder may ask their GP,

or other medical practitioner, for a referral to me as a Psychologist - for counselling services.

Your doctor will then give you a referral (under the Mental Health Care plan) which is valid for

10 sessions in a calendar year.  


When the doctor makes the referral s(he) will go thru’ a standard form of questions like:

  1. Are you stressed, anxious?

  2. Do you feel depressed, down?

  3. How is your sleep?  etc…

Typically clients come to talk to me about:

  1. Relationship issues/challenges.

  2. Work, career issues/challenges.

  3. Life changes, health challenges.

  4. Personal development issues.

   What to bring along (for the Medicare rebate)..

  1. Your GP's referral and your current Medicare Card.

              You must see the doctor first - before your appointment,

                for the referral (under the Medicare billing plan only)

   Feel free to talk to me about the fees if your circumstances require it.   
                              phone:     (61 +3) 9596 6772






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Psychologist Medicare billed counselling for personal growth