Guided Meditations, Relaxation Meditations, Geoff Favaloro

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Geoffrey Favaloro
meditating & sharing since 1990
1           Create Happiness
         Relax Focus Achieve

 2                 Empower 
         Healing Creating Future
3                  Enlighten
           Freedom Being Yourself
8          Let Go Stress
        Get the best from Life  
20           Simply Relax 
           Live Life Stress Free
13         Mindful Meditations
          Realise the Power of Now
10          Love Heal Yourself
Relax Focus Achieve
16               Psychic    
     Realise your Intuitive Powers
15                 Money 
            Feel free and Abundant
14            Memory Boost 
       Relax Be Clear & Focussed
 4           Gamble No More  
            Relax Focus Succeed
21              Sleep Well 
          Relax Let Go & Snooze  
26            Study Better
          Relax Focus Succeed  
23             Sports Winner
            Relax Focus Achieve
22       Speak & Present Well    
Relax Focus Inspire!   
17             Chakra Healing 
       Visualize light thru the Body 
 25  Stop Smoking (Mindful)  
     Relax Focus Succeed  
28 Weight Loss (Mindful approach)
      Relax Focus Succeed   
9           Life Regression 
     Release Subconscious patterns   
24  Stop Smoking (Self-Hypnosis)
     Self-Hypnosis Program 
27     Lose Weight (Self-Hypnosis)          Self-Hypnosis Program  
5      Happiness - Inside Job
          Insight's talk - Audio CD
29                    Tantra
 Empowering Relationships
18            Reduce Pain
    Release Physical/Emoitonal Pain  
11a           Manage Stress
      Guided Mindful meditations  
11          Create Happiness 
      in Bahasa - Guided meditations

7           Create Happiness
    in Japanese - Guided meditations 
19      Relax Unwind Music
               Gentle ambient 
6                  Healing Music
        Ambient mix, nature Sounds
12           Meditation Music 
         Relaxing Calming Healing  
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