Perform at your best! Guided Mindful Meditation CDs for Sports success. By Psychologist Geoff Favaloro. Mindful meditation CD Process.  
       Geoffrey Favaloro
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  This Mindful Meditation CD process gives you that unique opportunity to become present
to yourself.

Meditation can assist you in
letting go of stress and helping you to be more relaxed so that your focus and concentration
are vastly improved.

Research shows us that stess impairs our memory and performance in many ways.

As you relax and focus you can achieve more and embrace clarity and success!

4 Big Tracks 34:18

      How to:
Insights & tips!
      Changing your Subconscious
      Guided Mindful Relaxation
      Guided process
to Focus and
Achieve change

MP3 (High) Download - $12.95

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