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                                                                It is a pleasure to have created these

                                                           happiness clips. Please enjoy & share on.. 

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     Happiness Tips 1 & 2 b Yourself, b Emotional                  Happiness Tips 3 & 4  b Present, b Open


   Happiness Tips 5 & 6 b Kind, b Optimistic                         Happiness Tips 7 & 8 b Grateful, b Accepting


  Happiness Tips 9 & 10 b Passionate, b Sexy                            Happiness Tip 11   b Crazy, Naughty



       Happiness Tips 12   b Selfish, Love YourSelf                        Happiness Tip 13  b Generous 



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                             Go on, let go, donít wait Ė now is the moment to soar, fly, laugh, play,

                                   and to be open and to rejoice in your wonderful uniqueness!


                                   Enjoy yourself! Create your relaxed and happy life!