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                                                  happiness tips/insights. Please enjoy & share on.. 




                          Tips to be Relaxed and Happy! 

                                   General suggestions - take what is useful!


A happy life can come to us at anytime - focus on all 4 levels:

the Physical, Emotional, Mental (Mind) & Spiritual.


Physical (Body)


Take a big breath and breathe out all your tensions.

Right now! Donít wait - go on do it now! 

Breathe in fully and slowly sigh out.
Donít hold on to any tensions for another moment!

Eat well - prepare yourself a really great meal. Take a walk, jog, look at the birds,

trees - smell the flowers.

Put a skip into your step, play a little, tickle someone (yourself!).

Look in the mirror and smile lovingly to yourself.




What you feel is what you will attract.. so practice feeling good..
Give to yourself FIRST!  Be kind and easy on yourself. Forgive yourself and others.

Let go of all those expectations and negative thoughts that may make life seem like a tough



Make yourself a favourite drink; slowly and lovingly brush your hair; play an old favourite song.

Stretch and roll around on the floor, lie still, breathe, let go, gaze lazily at the sky, ceiling.. 

 Express all of yourself Ė is there anything you havenít said? 


A thank you/appreciation/attraction that you havenít spoken?

 Freedom and peace comes with feeling/allowing everything that is and is in us.

Everyday is an opportunity to show our selves and our feelings, as well as our gratitude.

Show love and kindnesses to all beings we come across, especially yourself!.


Mental (Mind)


Life throws us challenges and opportunities, but our real happiness & peace depends

on how we view/perceive these events,

e.g. is there really anything wrong until we think about it? Right now, think about that!

When you become uncertain and doubtful, is it really about the future or about memories

you have from your past (pains and hurts)?


Can you really know what will happen in the future?

Can you be accepting of yourself, your feelings and your life?


Spend some time examining how your beliefs and worries affect you and how

you react to others when you hold onto certain beliefs.




Ok, life may or may not have been what you expected at times - but what has it given you?

What have you learned?  How have challenges made you wiser, more compassionate?

What gifts have come your way?  What qualities have you gained? What are you here for?

 You are wonderfully unique - right now no one is living where you are (in time and space,

history, emotions, makeup Ö)


Life is a journey Ė so why not be open and learn to enjoy it unfolding it its own special ways.

 When your Spirit is in joy your Mind will be happy and your Body will be relaxed.

What excites you?


Be in touch with what makes your life really juicy and passionate.

What things really get your spirit going?


Do one of these today! YES, Today!



           Go on, let go, donít wait Ė now is the moment to soar, fly, laugh, play,

                 and to be open and to rejoice in your wonderful uniqueness!


                 Enjoy yourself! Create your relaxed and happy life!