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                                                 It is a pleasure to have created these

                                                                     healing tips.

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(with many thanks to Master Sha,  www.DrSha.com)


Dear Friends


Follow this recipe to experience healing, joy and peace.

Soul Healing Medicine uses the power of the Soul or Spirit to heal the mind and the body.


Change any words to suit your current situation.


It is important to strongly state the words – this can be done by saying them out loud or

quietly to one-self, but be definite! the stronger the better – this reinforces/sends out the

message and calls in the change we want. A strong intention directs the power of the

soul/spirit into the mind and body for change. 
Remember: Get your spirit into divine gear and your mind and then your body will align

& follow to healing/balance, calm and ease.  

Find a quiet place... 


 1. Healing and change


Repeat strongly for 1 full minute -  be definite with your intent.


To my Divine Soul  “higher power/god/the life force/guidance/inner intelligence” you have

the power to heal - I now command you! come and do a good job!!


I invite that I be filled with peace, harmony and love.

I (firmly) invite healing - release of stress/tensions and specifically for _________.

I invite the purity and wisdom of my soul/spirit to expand into each of my cells and to fill

my heart space with openness, peace, love and joy.


I see/feel love and divine (golden) light and peace flowing into my life, into my surrounds,

my home, car, friends, family..


Firmly repeat for 1 full minute directing the energy to where you feel you need it

– e.g. to an organ, heart centre …


God’s Divine light, Divine light, Divine light, Divine light, Light!, Light!, Light!, Light!..

God’s Divine Grace, Divine Grace, Divine Grace, Divine Grace, Grace, Grace, Grace,

Grace, Grace..  God’s Divine Love, Divine Love, Divine Love, Divine Love, Divine Love,

Divine Love, Divine Love..


2. Self-Love


Repeat strongly for 1 full minute -  be definite with your intent.


I love my body, I love my mind, I love my soul (spirit).

I invite (my) divine soul/spirit to expand like a golden light through each and every cell

of my being ness.

I invite my divine soul/spirit to bring love to my mind and body.


I invite gentleness, openness, peace and happiness


3. love and blessings


Repeat strongly for 1 full minute -  be definite with your intent.


I see/send out love, divine (golden) light, blessings and forgiveness going to all my

friends, enemies, my family, my home, work mates,  my situation and surrounds…

I see/send out love and (invite) blessings to all beings who share this life force with me.


4. Share out the gratitude.



As it is, so be it!
Thank you, thank you, thank you...!!

5.  Mix up this recipe daily!!





           Go on, let go, don’t wait – now is the moment to soar, fly, laugh, play,

                 and to be open and to rejoice in your wonderful uniqueness!


                 Enjoy yourself! Create your relaxed and happy life!