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  How to attract Abundance: money, relationships
  Talk, Tips, insights..                                          8:01
        Who am I, really?   "Presence"?!
        Talk, insights into your present experience  9:01

  How to meditate without thoughts with a busy  
  mind?   Tips, insights..                                    8:21 
        Meditation Insights:
        Key tips, steps & benefits..                             8:26
  Letting Go of stress, tensions
  guided meditation + relaxation Music       7:36
        Going beyond being happy
        Talk, tips, insights..                                           7:43
 Happiness is an Inside Job! extract DVD
 from a live talk: Theosophical society
 5 min sampler
                                        More info/Order
      Psychic Opening - how to: guided exercise  7:09 
 Lose Weight  - Talk, tips, insights..                10:20        Stop Smoking - Talk, tips, insights..                9:01   
 Reiki healing relaxing music                             8:31         Gentle calming relaxation music                     8:30 
Rainbow Healing Light Chakras 3 min sampler        Manifest abundance! Guided Meditation        6:41 
 Empowered Relationships series
 DVD 1   Topic: "Loving Feelings"

 Seminar talk
from a Mind Body Spirit Festival         
xploring how to empower yourself in   
 relationships Great tips & insights on self-love

Empowered Relationships series 
DVD 2   Topic: "Being Yourself" 
      Seminar talk from a Mind Body Spirit Festival         
xploring how to empower
      Great tips & insights on being yourself.
   Live with less stress & Anxiety                      6:46          Happiness guided Meditation                   5:16  
 Meditation Music - soothing, calming - too easy! Enjoy Ocean, Whale, Dolphin Sound Sea scapes!