Develop Your Speaker, Presenting Skills

Improve your Marketing!

As a Trainer & Public Presenter with over 30 years experience
I am pleased to share and assist you in developing your skills

1. Tips/insights on successful presenting
2. Feedback and pointers on your delivery
3. Developing your unique 'style and story'
4. Improve your confidence
5. Strategies for anxiety/butterflies
6. Dealing with 'difficult' audiences
7. Film you with creative feedback

A great presentation style involves the following:

1. Confidence - relaxed demeanour
2. Good pace
3. Humour
4. Professionalism
5. Engaging the audience
6. Blend with own stories/experiences
7. Structure and with strong finishes

Learn all about these and enrich your style and skills!

I have many YouTube clips of my live talks,
see this one example of me in action..




      $150 per session (tax deductible for business purposes).

        Includes consultation/coaching (and/or filming)

       Coaching is usually at Gardenvale(Elsternwick).     



How else can you market yourself better?


Be taught to create your own Video clip(s) that best

represents that which YOU have to uniquely offer!


           Get a 1 : 1 lesson on how to make your own clip.

           In just an 1 or 1 1/2 hrs we can cover all the essentials: filming, setup,

           lighting software required - formats to load/convert etc..

           Fee: $150 per hour (tax deductible: self-education or business related). 


        Consultancy - setting up & marketing your business

            Setting up and running a business involves a lot of skills: 

      How can you get the results you want?

      Is your marketing working for you?

      Geoff maybe able to assist you in working through the common pitfalls

      and problems or identify more clearly what you can offer/directions etc.

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