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Reiki was founded by Mikao Usui in Japan over 100 years ago,

after studying and meditating on ancient Tibetian and Buddhist texts.


The word Rei-Ki means:


Rei  refers to Universal Lifeforce energy.


Ki  that force, or energy, as it flows through each of   

      our individual forms or bodies. The Chinese call 

      this the Chi, Indians: Prana, Christians: the Light.


Reiki is a powerful, yet gentle energy, which promotes healing

on all levels of our being.  Recipients often report feeling a warmth, very relaxed

and nurtured. Once we become permanent channels, via the attunement process

from a Reiki teacher, this energy spontaneously flows, or is drawn, through our

hands for the healing of ourselves and others.


I have been giving Reiki treatments since 1991 with great success.

People typically tell that after a session (on a table or sitting in a chair)

that they feel more positive, relaxed & have greater perspectives about their lives.



Reiki assists:


*  The body’s natural healing capacities

*  Cleansing of the body’s toxins

*  Balances the body – releasing stress

*  Letting go of past emotional blocks

*  Re-establishing equilibrium – revitalizing

*  Adjusts according to the recipient’s needs




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