1.  Workshop/Client Feedback Comments

My life has totally turned around & my relaitonships are 100% better. Thanks so much for the paradigm shifts in my thinking and your caring support.

Helen B. (2013)


I wish I had met you earlier!

Di K. (2010)


You have so many skills! Best wishes and lots of love.

Sue, Psychologist (PhD), 2000


Fantastic! – one of the most knowledgeable, insightful and skilled group facilitator. Quick to pick up on others’ views and taking it further. You’ll never get such personalized attention as you will in one of Geoff’s groups.

Dr Muthiah (Phd), University Dean,  Sept 02


After one workshop and I am seeing Auras – hope I can turn it off! Thanks Geoff

Alan G. Financial Adviser, Psychic workshop, July 03


Thanks for the workshop last weekend - it was truly wonderful, and in some ways has been life-altering!  Thank you for your guidance;  you are truly gifted. Regards,

Louise S., Exec. assistant, Psychic workshop, May 04


Your workshop was such a gift - thanks heaps. You are so good at running a group, knowing how to pin point issues, in such a gentle way. To discover who I am, and it is Ok to be me, wow! Love,

Emma Borland, Sculptor, Psychic workshop, Nov 05


Reiki Workshop was very, very good. I feel clearer and centred.

Yoko Mirakoshi, Automotive Industry Safety Consultant, 06


My whole world has been turned around since I attended your Enlightenment Workshop and looked at my beliefs, and how they were creating stress at work. Thank you so much.

Margaret Marsh, Realtor, 04


I also wanted to thank you for Saturday's workshop. I have been thinking about what made it so good, and I decided that for me it was partly about simplicity, or put another way, your matter of fact approach. There was also a real honesty amongst everyone, which was lovely.  

Catherine J, Corporate Lawyer, 05


Thank you so much, I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop – uou have opened my mind to boudless possibilities.

June G., Nov 06


You really are very, very gifted with your Reiki healing powers. Thank you,

Anna S, Book Keeper, Apr 07


The most powerful energy healing I have felt. Not like the other Reiki healings I have had.

Helen J, P.A., Mar 07


I have such a shift since coming to see you.. there is less fear

Donna D., Librarian, Apr 07
Brilliant healer

Kay F, Manager, 2009

I wish I had met you years ago!

Dianne K, client, 2010


REIKI II DEC 2011: I really enjoyed the workshop! I woke up.. feeling a lot more energised since the workshop.. I am happy to have some more energy.  I feel really grateful to have a new tool to help me on my path. :)  Thank you!!

H.C. (Social Worker) Dec 11


2.  CD Reviews & Feedback comments

Create Happiness Guided Meditations CD

"If you are looking for an effective way to enter deeply relaxed theta states.. move into the depths of your inner mind to open up to the Creative You to manifest with confidence and joy.. and heal the past to create your new future .. then this CD collection of guided meditations, offers all of this. Coupled with gentle uplifting music, the Happiness you seek is literally at your fingertips."

Inner self magazine review - March 2011


LET GO CD video clip
Your voice has soothed an ache in my heart.
Thank you so much for this video.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

C Freem July 2013


Enlighten Guided Meditations CD

Exploring your own true being via this guided self-inquiry, we come to see the eternal “I am-ness” that is always here. Favaloro leads the listener with gentleness and clarity into that place of presence. Beginning with the ultimate question “Who am I, really?” we focus into our essence. Moving into “Living in Freedom” we are guided to that placeless place beyond limits, boundaries and conditions. Concluding with “Staying Home” we are offered a way of living with all its drama and challenge by sitting profoundly in deep awareness.

InnerSelf magazine review. East-West edition, Issue 26 Oct-Dec 2011


“I highly recommend Geoff’s programs that have worked wonders for people in all walks of life” 

Dr. P Muthiah (PhD) Assoc. Professor



Guided Meditations Money CD: "If you are a financial disaster it might be time to try something a little different. Geoff Favaloro the man with the golden voice, holds the key to your financial freedom and all you have to do is sit back, free your mind and let the words wash over you."
'MX' Magazine; Herald (HWT) Newspapers.Melb., 6-8-2002



"Really loved them"

Paul Z., StockBroker     


"Good voice"

Chris W., Quiet Earth Prod'ns.      


"Format works very well"

Aust. Nurses Journal.           


"Really enjoyed… congratulations - very good"

New World Productions (Qld).     


“Brilliant CDs”

Phoenix A., Journalist.    


“Before listening to the CD I was so stressed!”

Helen B., Banker.      


“Music really suits”

Ian Cameron-Smith, Musician.       

“Soothing voice . .clear and concise .. pure relaxation and harmony”

Living NOW Magazine.


"I listen to your happiness CD almost everyday whilst I am working. At this point in my life (very turbulent) the CD is helping me to concentrate on my work whilst at the same time really relaxing. Its amazing... but, how can I feel this way all the time?"

Nigel, Computer Programmer, 05


"The Japanese CD is good! I often listen to it when I can't go to sleep and most of the time I fall asleep before it finishes."

Yuko Isihara, Shiatsu Therapist, April 07



"The Enlighten CD directly addresses the ageless question of who we are and what we are. Geoff very cleverly took me on an amazing journey into myself, asking questions and making gentle suggestions to explore my inner experience of myself, my essence, behind my thoughts, to the actual world I live from. Geoff  does not impose any view, but draws from the traditions of Dogzchen Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta."

James, Executive 02



Simply Relax CD "I was left in a trance state of being fully alert, yet sublimely detached from my usual worries and concerns. My first-hand experience of listening to the CD and of Geoff’s meditative voice was invaluable."

Tanya, Travel Executive, 06



"All the feedback, on CDs that I have sold of yours, has been excellent. "

Tracey, Lovely Stuff e-bay shop, July 07


"You have some rare & helpful mp3's.  I have enjoyed your work.
 Thank you again."
Karon, USA, 2013


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