How to Develop Your Speaker
Presenting & Marketing profile

As a Trainer and Public Presenter with over
30 years experience I am pleased to help
you in identifying and developing your skills

Identify and develop your style..
How to deal with anxiety/butterflies..
Working through the common pitfalls..
Humour, professionalism and marketing yourself

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How to Develop Your own 
Promotional Video/Youtube clips

As a producer of over 30 YouTube clips and 40 CDs/DvDs how can I help you in producing video clips that make your business and website more dynamic?

Create content that is uniquely you, for your business/services.
Put on testimonials, demonstrations and
directly put your clips into your website.

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Personal Growth - Training Seminars

Geoff has trained over 2000 people in more than 190 workshops and seminars since 1988 as well as public talks and corporate events. Training has been (10 years +) at CAE Melbourne. Holmesglen Tafe.

How to Empower Relationships
Meditation training
Conflict/Negotiating Resolution
Managing Stress
Reiki/Natural Healing
How to Set-up/Marketing for sole traders

Corporate presentations include 'Using Mindfulness' for more sales/success. To businesses in Manila, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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