ANGEL HEART Flower Remedies

Take orally/daily - like Bach “Rescue Remedy”


Each blend has been especially selected from the highest quality concentrated stock ingredients (FES). The vibrational qualities of these flowers will act on your subtle energy body to bring about change and healing, in the areas covered. “FES” essences are widely used by Naturopaths (e.g. the Southern School of Nat. Medicine).


Each bottle (taken orally 2-4 times a day) will last up to 10-12 days


The “Angel Heart” blend range:


PEACE To restore Inner Ease, Calm & Serenity

Ingredients: Nectarine, Lavendar, Lotus, Camomille


HEART Opening & Healing Heart to Joy & Love

Ingredients: Daffodil, Bleeding Heart, Lotus, Lavendar


EMPOWER To feel Clear, Strong, Centred & Balanced

Ingredients: Lotus, Camomille, Cosmos, Queens Anne Lace


PSYCHIC Promoting Psychic & Spiritual Openings

Ingredients: Lotus, Angelica, Angel’s Trumpet, Queen’s Anne Lace


ABUNDANCE Stimulate Expansive, Vital,Vibrant Energy

Ingredients: Star Thistle, Nasturtium,Rosemary


Blended with Love and channeled Joy.


Each bottle is $20 - 2 for $35 - shipped.

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