Geoff has been training and counselling individuals and families since 1990. He draws on many skills from traditional psycho-therapy, along with intuitive and spiritual training (including Reiki) to empower individuals/couples and families aiming to achieve their fullest potential. Hear him talk about his services in this video:       .. click here ..


Registered with the Psychology Board of Australia. Eligible (and former) member of the Australian Psychological Society’s Counselling College.


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1.  Professional confidential counselling:


Some typical issues:

Assisting you with making decisions,

understanding your feelings,

helping you be less stressed,

exploring your spirituality, psyche

healing your past issues,

improving your relationships,

making the life changes you want,

building your confidence & assertiveness,

getting clear on your direction

creating happiness in your life.


2.  Personal Psychic or Astrological readings


3.  Coaching to improve communication (including training) skills and performance, with particular focus on conflict resolution and negotiating better with others.

4.  Healing treatments using Reiki and other healing 'energies' that work deeply on subconscious mental, emotional and physical levels.




Geoff trains people in all walks of life in personal development. He has trained over 2000 people in more than 180 workshops since 1988. Geoff offers workshops, either over a weekend or as weekly courses - e.g. Meditation, Mediation, Exploring Enlightenment, Spiritual Development, Reiki hands on healing – all levels. Mastering Stress, Leadership/Training skills and how to develop your natural Intuitive/Psychic abilities.    

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How can you get the results you want?

Is your marketing working for you?

Geoff maybe able to assist you in working through  the common pitfalls and problems & identify more clearly what you can do - your direction, marketing, tax and finance tips etc..  pertinent to small business.

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How to Meditate 
Mastering Stress

Creating happiness in your life

Developing your Psychic and Intuitive capacities


Check out the range of Self- Help CDs and DVDs - Meditations & Relaxation music

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Focus on getting the life you truly deserve and achieve your best!


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