CV – Qualifications                                               


Geoffrey Favaloro (B.Arts, Grad.Dipl. I.T., Grad.Dipl. Appl. Psych., Dipl. Family Systems) Registered Psychologist.  Eligible (and former) member Australian Psychological Society – Counselling  College. Member Transpersonal Psychology  group (APS)


Geoffrey was born in Melbourne, Australia and grew up in the country, where he learned self sufficiency and an appreciation for nature and its cycles. He began exploring the human mind and psyche as a teenager; studying philosophy at age 19 years. His knowledge now comes not only from his “formal”  learning’s, but from his own struggle to self-realization and search for peace and happiness.


Founder & Director: Centre For HappinessTM


Academic training


2007  Certificate IV – certified trainer qualification

1989   Post Graduate Degree Applied Psychology, Swinburne University, Melbourne

1982   Post Graduate Degree I.T., Monash University, Melbourne

1980   Bachelor of Arts Psychology, Economics majors, Philosophy minor, Monash and Melbourne Universities


           Family systems/therapy training


Family Therapy training Diploma, Williams Rd. Centre (2 yrs, 1996)

Narrative Therapy intensive, Dulwich, S.A. (1994)

Contemporary Family Therapy, Tennyson Collective (1994) 

Family Therapy intensive, Bouverie Centre(1993) 

Counselling with Sexual Difficulties, Centre for Social Health (1993)

Byron Katie “The Work”, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Mediation training


Mediation Training, Family Mediation Centre (1990)

Parent-child Mediation training, CDR, Sydney(1990)

Group Leadership training, Augustine Centre (1990)


Other Therapies training


Clinical Hypnotherapy, Austin Hospital (1 year, 1995)

Gestalt Therapy training Gestalt Therapy Australia (3 years, 1994)

Psychodrama; Australian College of Psychodrama (3 years, 1994)


Healing modalities training


Geoff has trained in the traditional REIKI (Usui) - Japanese system of hands-on-healing in 1991 and has taught a thousand since, in all 3 levels  with amazing results. Geoff has also trained in, Seichem and Sekhem, Magnified Healing energy/healing systems and in Psychic development


            Meditation modalities training


Influences and background in:

Mindfulness meditation, Advaita Vedanta (non-dualism),

Dzogchen Buddhism. Active and Shamanic styles (Osho meditations)


Current Work:


Private practice,   Gardenvale, Melbourne, 1997 - present


Counselling and coaching with a Psycho-Spiritual focus.  Typical

Issues have included: Relationships, personal development, self

awareness, stress, anxiety, depression, changing life directions -

making decisions. Developing psychic and intuitive awareness

to live a more empowered and conscious life


Clients  have ranged from all walks of life, ages and

with all sorts of issues. From corporate executives,

to academics to chefs, plumbers, the non-waged

and from children to grandmothers. 

Geoff’s motto is always: “let’s talk about it”

                               and "change happens!".


           Trainer & Educator:

                     2008- present Holmesglen Tafe Short Courses

2009-11 Corporate training to companys

                Malaysia, Indonesia & Phillipines.
            Topics: Team building, staff awareness & confidence
            Myers Briggs, Meditation and Visualization tools,
            Leadership and group facilitation skills.

2008 Endeavour College (formerly Aust. Coll. of Natural Medicine)

Lecturer in “Prof. Communications” to mixed modalities

and including International students.

2008 College Of Complementary Medicine, Hornsby, Sydney,

Advanced Counsellor skills training Transpersonal Diploma.

2007 - 2009  Phoenix Institute,  Melbourne. Transpersonal Counsellor skills training, and Art Therapy training groups.


Geoff has also trained over 2500 people in more than 250 workshops and short courses, since 1988; at venues; Monash University, Holmesglen TAFE colleges, and the Centre for Adult Education (CAE – Melbourne city: 10 years) & to companys across the Asia region.


Mediator/Family Therapist, Family Mediation Centre, 1990–98, Melb.

Mediation and family therapy with individuals, couples &

adolescents – Brief/Solution focused approach

Design & facilitation of community education workshops

Training professionals in Mediation

Training and Co-ordination of sessional staff

Student supervision

Development of and direct service to outreach centres

Facilitator “Inner Child” workshops, 1989, Deakin University,

& also at the Boroondara Community Health Centre, Melbourne

Telephone Counsellor, Personal emergency

Services (PES) crisis telephone counseling, 1988, Melbourne





Transpersonal interest group (TPIG) - Australian Psychological Society - annual symposiums; 2006, 2008

Mind – Body – Spirit Festivals (MBS) - 2005,6,,8,9,10, - 2011, 2012, 2103, 2104
Weight Loss Summits Melb. Sydney 2013, 2014



Graphic Design & Business Coaching:


Having recorded, mixed voice and sound Geoff has also designed

all the cover graphics for his popular Meditation CD range. Geoff

has helped many other individuals and organizations in designing

their promotional brochures/Business cards/Logos to reflect

themselves more effectively.


Geoff can help you develop your ideas, edit photos or prepare a

finished brochure that is attractive and best reflects your focus.


 Alcohol & Drug


Support Worker training, Windana Society (1991)

Drug and Alcohol Counsellor, Turning Point Drug and Alcohol,

Crisis counselling, 1997–98,  Melbourne

Counsellor (part-time), Task Force Youth, Drug and Alcohol

therapist (1990) Counselling service. Casework, assessment,

and advocacy, Melbourne




Information Systems/database specialist, Kodak, 1988, Melbourne

Information Systems - Trainer/Programmer, Telstra, 1987, Melbourne.

Systems lecturer, Business Dept., Victoria University, 1986, Footscray

Lecturer, I.T., Dept. of Information Systems, Latrobe University,

                Northern Campus, 1984-85, Bendigo, Victoria




 “Mediation: a family therapy technique?” Australian and

New Zealand journal of Family Therapy, Vol 19, 1 Mar, 1998

“Mediation and family therapy”, presented at Family Mediation

conference, Sydney, 1995

“Parent Adolescent Mediations: a client profile”, presented at

Australian. Psychological Society’s conference, Adelaide, 1991, Co-authors, E. Shaw, and S. Ellis

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